Department of General Medicine

The department is managed by qualified and experienced physicians with the help of resident doctors, both the inpatient and outpatient department and also emergency and critical cases on call as and when required round the clock.

Regular medical OPD and follow up clinics are conducted daily.

Common clinical disorder like infectious diseases, nutritional disorders, tropical diseases and systematic diseases like cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, gastro intestinal, musculo skeletal disorders, genito urinary disorders and endocrinal disorder are attended and treated. Where it is necessary they are admitted as inpatient for investigations and management. Inpatient medical department has got 80 beds with all necessary equipment.

Follow up clinics in the afternoon are conducted regularly for chronic cases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac cases, neurological cases like epilepsy, CVA and also discharged cases from the medical wards.

Acute Medical Care Ward

There is 10 bedded acute medical care ward well equipped, air conditioned with multi parameters, ventilators, defibrillators and central online gas supply of oxygen vacuum and air for each bed. All acute medical cases of poisoning, seizures, status asthmaticus, cardiac cases like CAD, cases of renal failure, diabetic keto acidosis etc., are admitted and ward is managed by the physician with the help of anesthetist. Consultant specialist doctors like cardiologist, neuro physician, Pulmonologist, nephrologist attend the cases as and when required on call.