Department of General Surgery

R.V.M Hospital General Surgery Unit is well equipped with requisite number of wards and a special emergency ward. Each ward is linked to the various specialties with specialist nurses attached to each of them and who maintain close links with the ward staff providing a high standard of clinical expertise.

An excellent team of General Surgery Consultants are available at selected timings to attend to our patients problems such as thyroid surgery, breast surgery; colon-rectal surgery, etc are demarcated. The thrust of the consultants is on the complex abdominal surgery, thyroid and breast surgery. Oncology surgery is a part of department of surgery and takes up a considerable part of the repertoire.

General Surgery department is involved in innovation and rapid progress to better performance in the near future.

  • Manned by qualified and experienced surgeons with 24 hrs coverage.
  • Surgical OPD and follow up surgical clinics are conducted daily.
  • "Day care surgery" facility is available where minor surgical procedures such as excision of the lumps, hydrocele, hernia and Fissure in ano etc., are done in the morning and discharged on the same day in the evening after surgery.

Elective and Emergency Surgical Procedures

  • Elective Surgeries like interval appendisectomy, hernioplasty, repair of incisional hernas, major wound debridements, hemorrhoidectomy, thyroid, brest, Gastro-intestinal surgery, Cancer Surgery, Urological procedures are routinely done.
  • Emergency surgeries incase of traumatic wounds, blunt injuries, with complications like ruptured viscus, intestinal obstructions, perforated appendix, perforated peptic ulcer etc., are commonly done.
  • Specialty surgeries like neuro surgery, urology and plastic surgery are also undertaken with the help of visiting consultant specialists.